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SportWise is a fun, easy to use low code-no code analytics engine that fantasy managers and sports bettors use to gain powerful custom insights from their players.

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Hard Data Made Easy

Powerful Optimizer

We deliver top-quality data through our advanced league analysis tool. Automatically import your data from your favorite fantasy sports provider and optimize your football, baseball, basketball, or hockey leagues.

Build custom league reports called DataSpaces and choose from our automatically updated data feeds.

We offer API data from Reliant and Yahoo, and we're always adding more.

Choose from:        

  • Player Info
  • Player Stats
  • Season Stats
  • Team Info
  • League Matchups
  • Historical Data
  • Depth Charts
  • Player Injuries
  • Weather Forecast and so much more
Major Sports Leagues - Active and Coming Soon



Tired of wasting time manually updating endless spreadsheets? We build tools for Fantasy Managers to gain an edge and win their league pool.

Rolling Insights provides you with the tools to make sense of all your fantasy sport data. It’s is a no-code, easy to use platform that will change the way you interact with your fantasy data. You select the data you want to use, build custom reports that are endlessly configurable, and sit back while the data is refreshed automatically.

Import your own custom data and apply multiple filters and logic to see who you should trade, buy or bench.
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Analyze your Team

Import player roster from your active leagues, apply custom weightings to each data point.

See overall score for each player based on your data and customized weighting.

Identify gaps in your current roster and find undervalued players to inform your trades.



Rolling Insights leverages APIs to connect to popular fantasy league portals to import your roster.

Easily connect to other APIs to pull in live injury updates, schedules, and weather data.

Upload your own custom data sets and use them all together to assess your team.

Fantasy Sport New Reports

Reports & Insights

Dive deep into your data with custom reports and insights. Rolling Insight’s logic makes it easy to analyze your roster and make data driven decisions.

Layer smart filters and apply custom rule sets without learning to code.