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Unmasking the Truth: Why Current NFL Draft Kit Options are Sabotaging Your Fantasy Football Success!

Customization Issues: How They Cage Your Fantasy Football Strategy Let's face it, as a fantasy football player, you might feel trapped by the one-size-fits-all approach of most NFL Draft Kits. You're craving a tailored draft experience, with your own players and tweaked rankings. But, the kits don't let you break free. And that cookie-cutter ranking system? It's like trying to ...

The Invisible Roadblock: How Spreadsheets Limit Your Sports Data Analysis

You may not realize it yet, but there's a roadblock hampering your sports data analysis process. It's invisible because you've become accustomed to it, considering it an inevitable part of the task. But it's there, lurking in the background, preventing you from realizing the full potential of your data, and hence, your strategy.

Elevate Your Game with SportWise: Fantasy Sports Analytics, Simplified

Simplify fantasy sports analytics with SportWise - the revolution in data-driven decision-making for sports enthusiasts.

Breakaway Accelerator by Rolling Insights Launches to Benefit Sports Tech Companies Developing MVP

Expanding Breaking Accelerator to include Varsity, Rookie and All-Star tiers Rolling Insights offers real-time and post-game APIs for NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball, EPL, PGA, NASCAR, Darts or Tennis starting at only $50/month.

Pt 4 - Predicting total NHL Team Wins with Machine Learning - 2022/23 Season

Conclusion to our 4 part series experimenting with Machine Learning to predict regular season Wins for the 2022/23 NHL season

SCCG Management Partnership Announcement

Calgary, AB - Rolling Insights, a provider of advanced analytics tools and data feeds for sports platforms and businesses, is excited to announce a new strategic partnership with SCCG Management, a leading management advisory firm in the gambling industry. SportWise by Rolling Insights is a sophisticated no-code analytics tool that effortlessly configures data from multiple so ...

SportWise - MLB 5 X 5 Rotisserie Draft Kit

SportWise by Rolling Insights offers reliable rankings for pitchers and batters based on performance in various statistical categories compared to their peers. Learn how to prep your 2023 MLB draft kit.

Pt 3 - Predicting total NHL Team Wins with Machine Learning - 2022/23 Season

An overview of Corsi, Fenwick and Expected Goals in the NHL

Breakaway Accelerator by Rolling Insights

Breakaway Accelerator - Now open for applications!

  • 90% discount on DataFeeds by Rolling Insights
  • Fast access to fully functional API Key
  • Direct access to our Development team
  • Access to a network of like-minded startups and individuals
  • Regular virtual events

Pt 2 - Predicting total NHL Team Wins with Machine Learning - 2022/23 Season

Part 2 of our series exploring the application of Machine Learning to predict the outcome of the 2022/23 NHL Season