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About Rolling Insights

Before you dive into the world of fantasy sports analytics posts and various fantasy leagues, we want to stop by to say hello!

Who are we?

We are a small startup with big plans: to give everyone the ability to understand fantasy sports data. We do this with a unique analytics platform designed for fantasy sports leagues – Rolling Insights.

We couldn’t find a platform where the hard data was made easy, so we built it!

We wanted to use a tool that had the best features and power of a spreadsheet, and made connecting to live data sources really easy - but we couldn't find it. The tools that were fast weren't flexible, and the powerful ones were too complicated to get started.

Updating spreadsheets manually is cumbersome, so we created a unique space for all our league and fantasy data called a DataSpace.

We didn’t want to go to a ton of different websites to copy and paste datasets, so we built an API feeder to bring the latest Yahoo! and Reliant data straight to the DataSpace.

We didn’t want to be restricted to what Yahoo could tell us, so we found data feeds for player info, player stats, season stats, team Info, league matchups, historical data, depth charts, player injuries, weather forecast, arrest reports, and so much more.

We couldn’t choose just one sport, so we went with the big four: Fantasy Football, Fantasy Baseball, Fantasy Basketball, and Fantasy Hockey. There’s more coming too – vote for the next sport here.

What makes us different?

Instead of just using our intuition to construct lists of weekly rankings or reading the same expert analysis as everyone else, we provide tools and data so that you can become the expert yourself. You choose the data you want to see, set up your own custom data model, or choose from models provided by the community, and sit back and let the insights roll in. The data auto-refreshes so you’ve always got the most up-to-date information about your league at your fingertips.

Turn your Fantasy Formula into a winning strategy

What makes Rolling Insights unique is that we allow you to customize everything to your fantasy sports league and your own strategy. We made our tool as easy to use as customizable as possible.

Not sure where to start? Translate expert strategies to your specific league and scoring system, with Rolling Insights Community DataSpaces. We set up projections based on historical performance, but you can still tweak the formula for your own strategy. Customize the variables that get used, add filters, and get access to Community DataSpaces.

Why the waitlist?!

We are doing zero-round testing now but it will be available very soon.

Sign up for the waitlist and you will be one of the first lucky ones to give Rolling Insights a try. Set up your first DataSpace and start making sense of your fantasy sports data.

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