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Get Draft Day Ready With SportWise

No searching endless reddit threads. No buying picks from sketchy dudes on Twitter. No coding tutorials. SportWise is your ultimate fantasy basketball super spreadsheet, all season long with Yahoo! Fantasy League integration.

Optimize Your Draft Prep Time

Shave off countless hours from your draft preparation by tapping into stats that are not only updated at the close of the season but also refreshed daily throughout the preseason and into the main games. Dive into a DataSpace, take insights at face value, or tailor them to your liking with our intuitive formula builder – zero coding skills needed. SportWise boasts an impressive roster of over 150 NBA metrics, paired with a user-friendly, code-free formula builder to compute advanced stats, derive averages, determine standard deviations, and perform various mathematical analyses.

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SportWise is best viewed on a desktop.

Mobile works, just remember to swipe left/right to scroll, and use filters.

Ditch the SQL and Python Guides

Traditional Draft Kits often leave you guessing about the magic behind their pick calculations. If you desire transparency, creating your own kit might seem the only way, but wrestling with code or spreadsheets isn't everyone's cup of tea. Dive into SportWise's rich selection of DataSpaces, curated both as Draft Kits and tools for evaluating players based on their year-to-year growth. Additionally, we cater to Category-Based and Points-Based league formats, ensuring compatibility. The beauty of our DataSpaces? They're thoroughly adjustable and transparent in how stats are crunched – all without demanding a line of code from you.

Say Goodbye to Endless Stat & Injury Searching

With SportWise, you're covered with injury updates from the recent NBA season and a comprehensive library of NBA statistics going back to 2015. Our DataSpaces are meticulously organized for in-depth analysis, from player-by-player historical reviews to team-to-team point variations. Stay ahead of the curve with up-to-the-minute details on 2022-2023 player injuries and the latest depth charts. Get everything you need, all in one place.

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Beyond Generic: Sculpt Your Draft Strategy

Why settle for generic draft kits when you can stand out? For those seeking a specialized touch in their drafts, SportWise's Draft Prep DataSpaces are the answer. Start with our base models, then mold and modify with our user-friendly formula builder. Adjust scoring systems, emphasize particular statistics, and create a drafting strategy that's distinctly yours. Dive deep and design with SportWise.

Keep Maintaining the Lead During All the Season

Leveraging SportWise's integrated connection with Yahoo, streamline your strategy assessment and rival analysis, eliminating the need to toggle between Excel, multiple statistics sites, and Yahoo. With real-time access to Player Rankings or Efficiency Metrics, ensure you stay ahead of the curve at every stage of the season.

A Team Behind You

We pride ourselves on out customer support, so you can contact us directly at any time via email or in the tool itself! If you have a question about a stat, want to know how best to calculate a stat, or have general questions about the tool we’re here to help!

Oh Yeah, It’s Free

Did we mention that SportWise is free? Like, free forever on the Lite plan. We won’t even ask your for a credit card.

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