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Advanced NBA Data Analysis

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Transform Your Fantasy NBA Game with SportWise Analytics

Are you tired of consistently falling short in your NBA fantasy sports leagues? Do you frequently lose to your friends and colleagues who always seem to have the upper hand? If so, you're not alone. Many fantasy sports players struggle to gain a competitive advantage despite conducting extensive research and analysis.

What if we told you that there's a better way? What if we said that you could enhance your fantasy basketball strategy and take your game to a new level? With SportWise NBA Fantasy Sports Analytics, you can do just that.

Our powerful analytics tools provide you with data-driven insights to help you make informed decisions and build a winning team. By employing state-of-the-art data analysis techniques, you can uncover hidden trends and patterns that other players miss, giving you an edge on draft day and beyond.

But don't just take our word for it. See for yourself how SportWise NBA Fantasy Sports Analytics can help you. Sign up for free today and take the first step in elevating your fantasy basketball experience!

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Boost your NBA league with SportWise's advanced stats analysis!

  • No code, customizable DataSpaces
  • Build your own data models
  • Easy import & export of data
  • Endless data combinations
  • Import from Yahoo! Fantasy Leagues
  • Responsive customer service

Dozens of NBA stats updated daily - dive deep with SportWise's advanced analysis tools!

SportWise Custom Calculated columns allow users to create customized formulas to analyze both current and historical stats with the power of Excel, and the stats automatically update in your DataSpace daily. Giving you faster and easier decision making based on up-to-date and historical information.

Stat Definition
BLKS Total number of blocks for a team in the season. A block occurs when an offensive player attempts a shot, and the defense player tips the ball, blocking their chance to score
DREB The number of times a team rebounds the ball while on defense in a season.
MIN The number of regular season minutes played by the player in the season.
OREB The number of rebounds a player or team has collected while they were on offense.
GP The number of games played by a player in the season.
FTM The number of free throws that a team has made. An unhindered shot in basketball made from behind a set line and awarded because of a foul by an opponent.
FTA The number of free throws that a team has attempted. An unhindered shot in basketball made from behind a set line and awarded because of a foul by an opponent.
F The number of fouls recorded against a team for the season. a foul is an infraction of the rules more serious than a violation. Most fouls occur as a result of illegal personal contact with an opponent and/or unsportsmanlike behavior
FGM The number of field goals that a team has been made. This includes both 2 pointers and 3 pointers
FGA The number of field goals that a team has attempted. This includes both 2 pointers and 3 pointers
A The number of assists for a player
3Pt Made The number of 3 pointers made by the team
3Pt Att The number of 3 point attempts by the team
2Pt Made The number of 2 pointers made by the team
2Pt Att The number of 2 point attempts by the team
STL player successfully takes the ball away from an opposing player who is in possession of it without committing a foul.
Pts number of times a player scores
REB number of times a player retrieves the ball after it bounces off the hoop or backboard.
2P% represents the percentage of two-point shots a player makes out of all the attempts they take. This statistic is used to measure a player's accuracy when shooting from within the three-point line.
Turnovers number of times a player loses possession of the ball during a game. Turnovers are typically a result of poor ball handling or an unsuccessful pass attempt.
And many more NBA stats!

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Easily create data relationships that used to require complex formulas or advanced database knowledge.

Dive deep into your data with endlessly customizable DataSpaces. SportWise makes it easy to analyze your roster and make data driven decisions. Create Views to zero in on what you want to know, without learning to code.

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Get Automatic Updates

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Identify gaps in your current roster and find undervalued players to inform your trades.

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