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Get Draft Day Ready With SportWise

No searching endless reddit threads. No buying picks from sketchy dudes on Twitter. No coding tutorials. SportWise is your ultimate fantasy football super spreadsheet, all season long with Yahoo! Fantasy League integration.

Get Your Time Back Ahead of Draft Day

You can save hours on your draft prep ahead of draft day with stats that are up to date at the end of the season, and update daily all the way through training camp and into the regular season. Choose a DataSpace and follow the advice as is, or make it your own with an easy-to-use formula builder - no coding required. SportWise has over 150 NFL Stats, and an easy no-code formula builder to calculate advanced stats, or averages, standard deviation, and other math functions.

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SportWise is best viewed on a desktop.

Mobile works, just remember to swipe left/right to scroll, and use filters.

Step Away From the SQL and Python Tutorials

Standard Draft Kits keep you in the dark about how they calculate their picks, and the only way to have visibility into it is to build one yourself. But coding tutorials can be hard to follow, and it’s not easy to build a customized draft kit in excel or sheets. Browse SportWise’s catalogue of DataSpaces designed as Draft Kits, or to evaluate players on year over year performance. We also have draft kits prepared for PPR and Half PPR League Formats. All DataSpaces are fully customizable, and fully transparent into how stats are calculated, with no need to code.

No More Stat & Injury Hunting

SportWise has last season's injury data as well as historical NFL stats dating back to 2017. DataSpaces are prepared for historical Player Comparison, Team Comparison - Points Differential, and 2022 Player Injuries and Depth Charts.

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Highly Customizable for Your Unique Approach

You don’t want to be using the same draft kits as the other players in your league. You want a unique approach to get an edge in your draft. SportWise offers Draft Prep DataSpaces that you can use on their own, or fully customize to your league with our easy to use formula builder. Update fantasy point scoring models, Apply your own weighting to the stats of your choosing.

Find Your Edge in The Draft, Keep Your Edge All Season Long

SportWise integrates directly with Yahoo, so you can evaluate your and your competitions roster each week without having to switch between excel, stat websites, and Yahoo. Player Stats, Injuries, and Player Rankings or Efficiency Scores update daily so you don't lose your edge.

A Team Behind You

We pride ourselves on out customer support, so you can contact us directly at any time via email or in the tool itself! If you have a question about a stat, want to know how best to calculate a stat, or have general questions about the tool we’re here to help!

Oh Yeah, It’s Free

Did we mention that SportWise is free? Like, free forever on the Lite plan. We won’t even ask your for a credit card.

Start For Free, Forever

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