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Get Draft Day Ready With SportWise

No searching endless reddit threads. No buying picks from sketchy dudes on Twitter. No coding tutorials. SportWise is your ultimate fantasy hockey super spreadsheet, all season long with Yahoo! Fantasy League integration.

Be Draft-Day Ready in No Time

Before the first puck hits the ice, arm yourself with the freshest stats. SportWise keeps you ahead with data updated right from the close of the previous season, continually refreshed through pre-season and into the heart of the competition. Dive into a DataSpace, leverage its wisdom at face value, or tweak it to perfection using our intuitive formula interface. Dive deep into NHL metrics without touching a line of code.

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SportWise is best viewed on a desktop.

Mobile works, just remember to swipe left/right to scroll, and use filters.

Say Goodbye to SQL and Python Study Sessions

Conventional Draft Kits often leave you guessing about their selection process, making it tempting to craft your own. However, wading through coding guides is no simple task, and creating a tailored draft kit in Excel or Sheets might seem daunting. Explore SportWise's range of DataSpaces, shaped specifically as Hockey Draft Kits or for assessing players based on their annual performance metrics. Additionally, our draft kits cater to both Categories and Points league formats. Every DataSpace offers full customization and clear insights into statistical computations, all without the need for coding expertise.

Manual Stat & Injury Search Free

Harness the power of comprehensive injury archives from last season and delve into a vast repository of NHL statistics tracing back to 2015. Our specialized DataSpaces enable a seamless exploration of player trajectories, incisive comparisons of team performances based on goal differentials, and a meticulous assessment of the 2022 season's player injuries and corresponding lineup charts.

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Tailored Tools for Your Distinctive Strategy

Why settle for a one-size-fits-all draft kit when your approach to the game is anything but generic? Gain a competitive edge in your drafts by leveraging SportWise's Draft Prep DataSpaces. While they're robust on their own, their true potential shines when customized to fit your league's nuances using our intuitive formula builder. Refine fantasy point models, assign personalized weight to the stats that matter most to you, and craft a winning strategy that's uniquely yours.

Secure Your Advantage on Draft Day, Sustain it Throughout the Season

With SportWise's seamless integration with Yahoo, navigating between excel sheets, stats platforms, and Yahoo becomes a relic of the past. Directly assess your roster and gauge the competition week by week. Stay updated as Player Stats, Injuries, and Goals Against Average are refreshed daily. Maintain that competitive sharpness throughout the season, ensuring you always have the upper hand.

A Team Behind You

We pride ourselves on out customer support, so you can contact us directly at any time via email or in the tool itself! If you have a question about a stat, want to know how best to calculate a stat, or have general questions about the tool we’re here to help!

Oh Yeah, It’s Free

Did we mention that SportWise is free? Like, free forever on the Lite plan. We won’t even ask you for a credit card.

Start For Free, Forever

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