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SportWise Release Notes

08.02.2023 - New Feature Alert: Community DataSpaces

We're so excited to announce a game changing new feature set - Community DataSpaces!

Community DataSpaces offers a catalogue of pre-built DataSpace Templates that can be customized to your specific needs! Browse from 30+ Draft Kits, player analysis strategies, and season-long maintenance strategies built by superfans, data scientists, and analysts.

Take these DataSpace as a starting point and make them your own by syncing your Yahoo Fantasy League, modifying the Fantasy Points formulas for your league-specific scoring system, or build out player projections based on expert analysis.

And as always, the stats update daily as the season progresses, so your chosen strategy is always up to date with the click of a button. Give it a try, and reach out to the teak with your feedback, questions, or any other thoughts at 


07.26.23: New Feature Alert: Calculated Columns

You've all been asking for a way to modify and combine stats to dig deeper into the data, and we've delivered. Announcing Calculated Columns! This feature allows you to add a new column to your DataSpace that contains mathematical equations, and can be populated with any other numeric column, including other calculations. Best of all, the calculations auto update each day as the season goes on and the input stats change.

For example you can now:

  • Calculate the Average TOI per game per player
  • Find the Standard Deviation of a starting pitcher against another starting pitcher
  • Build out custom fantasy scoring models to calculate cumulative fantasy points per player

We've implemented a visual UI that allows you to click to select alpha numeric columns to use in the calculations, or you can type out your formula using the "#" sign to trigger a column search to appear. This really opens up the flexibility and customization options. 

05.08.23: Streamlined Add/Remove Column Functionality

If you're a long time SportWise user, you may remember the old "column selector drop down" in your original DataSpaces. We've updated this feature design to align to the visual language you've become accustom to in the rest of SportWise. You can now see all the available stats in the data sets included in the DataSpace, and add/remove the columns with a single tap. This includes any calculated or custom columns. Now you can more easily update your views.


04.19.2023: Multiple Joins on a Single Data Set

Back end update! The dev team has been hard at work rearchitecting how the data is structured in the back end to allow greater flexibility in how SportWise's data sets can be used. You can now join a single Data Set multiple times! This lets you join on more than one element in a data set to open up the filtering. For example, if you wanted to see your leagues schedule you can now join the Team Schedules on both the Home Team and Away Team and compare their starting lineups and any other advanced stats related to those teams or specific players.


02.12.2023: New Feature Alert: DataSpace Views

Rolling Insights is excited to announce that you can now save "snapshots" of your DataSpace configuration called Views. This new feature means you can use your single DataSpace in multiple ways, digging into different positions, player types, teams, or scoring models, all in one DataSpace. To use this feature, you filter, sort, and organize your columns how you like them then save that configuration as a "View" so that you can flip back to exactly how you had it with only one click! You can also edit, rename, delete, and save over existing views in case you need to make a change.


12.06.2022: Introducing the Data Catalogue

Rolling Insights has evolved the "data selection" page in SportWise to a full blown Data Catalogue. Browse all available datasets and quick select the fields you want to include in your DataSpace. This new catalogue opens up the SportWise stats offering and improves the exploration and discovery experience for users by offering a visual mental model for what stats are available for use in their DataSpaces. This new way of organizing the data also makes it easier for Rolling Insights to add more data types in the future, so get those requests into the roadmap


10.18.2022: Historical Data

Rolling Insights is proud to now offer ALL sports season data back to 2017 in SportWise. You can now compare player stats year over year, identify trends, and build out projections or expected performance metrics based on past performance!


05.23.2022 Redesigned Joins UI

Hey Sports Fans! We've been hard at work improving the UI to make joining datasets, and editing joins easier. The biggest improvements this time around are a join map that displays visually how your data sets are connected, allowing you to more easily troubleshoot your joins. This also has the added benefits of increasing the flexibility in your DataSpaces by more transparently displaying how your datasets are connected, and therefore, how your data is displayed.