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DataSpace Creation

This guide will walk you through the steps required to create a basic DataSpace in SportWise. The example used will result in a DataSpace that displays NHL Player Info with NHL Player Injuries.

  • Data selection
  • Join creation
  • DataSpace use
  • Add, hide, filter and sort columns
  • CSV export
  • Create and save DataSpace views

Yahoo Fantasy Integration

Integrating your Yahoo Fantasy Sports account and using Yahoo Fantasy data sets

Historical Data

SportWise offers data sets from 2017 for NFL, NBA, MLB & NHL

Advanced Join Guide

Joining your data in SportWise is super useful to get hard-to-find information about players, teams, and you fantasy rosters. Once you build the Joins for your DataSpace once, you can return to the DataSpace daily for the latest information. This guide will explain what a join is, the factors that go into a join, and will walk you through an example so you can successful build a DataSpace utilizing Joins.

Custom Calculated Columns

Custom Calculated Columns in SportWise allow you to easily create min, max, sum, mean, median and standard deviation using values from multiple or single columns

Player Injury Analysis

Using Joins and player stats data sets to find replacement players

Finding Fantasy Sleepers

Use SportWise joins & calculated columns to find Sleepers in your Fantasy League