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Advanced NBA Data Analysis

Analytics That Power Your NBA Dream Team

It's a slam dunk!

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Tired of wasting time endlessly copying & pasting into spreadsheets?

Create a DataSpace to easily join data together and see changes to your team’s stats easily. 

Save time by exporting your DataSpace to Excel or any other application.

SportWise provides you with the tools to make sense of all your fantasy sport data. It's a no-code, endlessly customizable platform that will change the way you interact with your fantasy data.

Supercharge your NBA fantasy analysis

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Why Join SportWise?

  • No code, customizable DataSpaces
  • Build your own data models
  • Easy import & export of data
  • Endless data combinations
  • Import from Yahoo! Fantasy Leagues
  • Responsive customer service

What Makes SportWise Different?

  • Assists, Blocks & Points Scored
  • 2pt Attempts & Made, 3pt Attempts & Made
  • Fouls, Free Throws, Rebounds
  • Player Age, Weight, Height, Position, Position Category
  • Player % Drafted, Player % Owned Week
  • Team Schedules, Home & Away Games
  • Total Player & Team blocks per season
  • Fantasy Season clinched spots in playoffs
  • +50 more unique NBA Stats!

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Easy as...

Fantasy Sports Trophy

Choose Your Data

Connect your NBA Yahoo! Fantasy League or view the and import your roster for Fantasy insights.

Choose from daily injury updates, schedules, and depth charts.


Create DataSpaces

Easily create data relationships that used to require complex formulas or advanced database knowledge.

Dive deep into your data with endlessly customizable DataSpaces. SportWise makes it easy to analyze your roster and make data driven decisions. Create Views to zero in on what you want to know, without learning to code.

Get Automatic Updates

Get Automatic Updates

Get daily insights on your Yahoo! Fantasy NBA player statistics, injuries, and matchups.

Build calculations to score your players and create a customized weighting model.

Identify gaps in your current roster and find undervalued players to inform your trades.

SportWise Automatically Updates Daily NBA Fantasy Team Stats

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