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Thank You and looking forward to connecting!

If you haven't already, check out our API Documentation here. You can find sample payload for our Live Scores and Post Game Data

Common Questions

No! We won't make you sign a big expensive contract like the other guys. Pay for what you use, and use only what you need

No! We are always improving our infrastructure to ensure you get the data you need, when you need it, as often as you need it

Almost immediately. Although some stat corrections can happen up to 10 hours after the game ends. Just make another API call to our servers and you're good to go!

Absolutely! We'll even connect you with our development team to answer any questions you have and help on mapping their structure to ours

Customer Testimonials

Draft Buddy Logo
Mike MacGregor - Draft Buddy CEO
...DataFeeds service allows me, a small fantasy-site operator, to keep my sports database updated for player changes and game statistics on a small budget and with minimal effort. Plus the breadth of available sports is impressive. They certainly reduce a barrier to entry for any budding fantasy or sports-related game. And even better, the people behind the product are excellent to deal with.
Ballstreet logo
Scott San Emeterio - Ballstreet CEO
DataFeeds has done an incredible job at creating custom solutions for BallStreet with their ability and willingness to offer data packaging that fits into our exact needs. As simple as that sounds, that is contrary to market standards in the data providing business. Their customer service is reliable and responsive to any questions or issues that arise. Any company looking for a solution that will work with them to find the best data product for their business should speak with the DataFeeds team.