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Press Releases

Breakaway Accelerator by Rolling Insights Launches to Benefit Sports Tech Companies Developing MVP

Expanding Breaking Accelerator to include Varsity, Rookie and All-Star tiers Rolling Insights offers real-time and post-game APIs for NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball, EPL, PGA, NASCAR, Darts or Tennis starting at only $50/month.

Breakaway Accelerator by Rolling Insights

Breakaway Accelerator - Now open for applications!

  • 90% discount on DataFeeds by Rolling Insights
  • Fast access to fully functional API Key
  • Direct access to our Development team
  • Access to a network of like-minded startups and individuals
  • Regular virtual events

Rolling Insights - Data Feeds Press Release

Rolling Insights has acquired Reliant Stats and its data ingestion engine technology, launching Rolling Insights - Data Feeds.