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SportWise User Guides

DataSpace Creation

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This guide will walk you through the steps required to create a basic DataSpace in SportWise. The example used will result in a DataSpace that displays NHL Player Info with NHL Player Injuries.

  • Data selection
  • Join creation
  • DataSpace use
  • Add, hide, filter and sort columns
  • CSV export
  • Create and save DataSpace views


Yahoo Fantasy Integration

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Integrating your Yahoo Fantasy Sports account with SportWise provides access to daily updated data sets, which can be customized and filtered to gain valuable insights into your fantasy league. This can give you a competitive edge in tracking player trends, analyzing team performance, and identifying sleeper picks.


Historical Data

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SportWise offers data sets dating back to 2017 for NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL. These historical data sets can provide valuable insights into past performances and trends for fantasy league enthusiasts and sports analysts alike.


Advanced Join Guide

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Joining your data in SportWise is super useful to get hard-to-find information about players, teams, and you fantasy rosters. Once you build the Joins for your DataSpace once, you can return to the DataSpace daily for the latest information. This guide will explain what a join is, the factors that go into a join, and will walk you through an example so you can successful build a DataSpace utilizing Joins.


Calculated Columns

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Custom Calculated Columns in SportWise allow you to easily create min, max, sum, mean, median and standard deviation using values from multiple or single columns.


Player Injury Analysis

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Combining Joins and player stats data sets within SportWise can be an effective strategy for identifying replacement players in your fantasy league. By filtering and analyzing this data, you can pinpoint potential replacements who have the potential to outperform their current projections and gain a competitive advantage.


Finding Fantasy Sleepers

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Using Joins and Custom Calculated Columns within SportWise can help you find Sleepers in your Fantasy League by merging data sets and performing advanced analysis to identify undervalued players who may outperform their projections.


SportWise is an easy-to-use tool for advanced fantasy sports data analysis. It is fully customizable and offers robust data that updates automatically every day. You select the data that you are interested in, apply your weighting model, and let the tool automatically update with the most recent data. Check back daily to optimize your fantasy league. Not sure where to start with sports analysis? Check one of the many Community DataSpaces and tweak other people's strategies to suit your league.

A DataSpace is a customizable league report. It takes your fantasy league data and combines it with the data you choose from our list of sources. Then you can play with your data as you wish, apply modeling, or filter and sort it to suit your needs.

A Community DataSpace is a DataSpace that someone else has made and has made publicly available within SportWise. You can use that person's DataSpace for your league if it applies to the same sport and fantasy league provider.

We're always adding more data. Right now we have Yahoo Fantasy League data, and player statistics, game data, injury data, rankings, and depth charts. For a complete list check out our knowledge base.

SportWise supports Yahoo fantasy sports: football, baseball, hockey, and basketball. Outside of Yahoo, NFL, MLB, NHL, and NBA data is provided for your use.

We support Yahoo Fantasy football, baseball, hockey, and basketball. 

We offer custom league reports, custom team reports, data updated daily, community dataspaces, and access to tons of fantasy sport data

Check out our pricing page for the different features available for each tier.